Thursday, 27 November 2008

Final Layout

OWN COMMENT> So I have decided on final layout now. Is it slightly revolting?
Well, I have seen stamps like that in the past so, probably not much revolution there, but I like this approach as both my copy and my illustration can fit better. I finally drove away from the idea of hand made font, because of it's readability, and outdated look. Have an English trouble though and need some help from Natural English Speaker, as I need to make it shorter... so I will bug you all tomorrow...
For font size I need to buy some decent paper and print them 100% to know which will be best.


The typography is messed up, so these are just for a view and sharing issues.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Website Info

Basics: The LINK will be (Oh, God !) on a stamp as well. On the website there will be a GALLERY OF THE INVENTORS of the inventors which appear on the stamps, but also you are going to be able to draw your own portrait and make up your own energy invention. Once the portrait is either drawn or uploaded to the website, and the user described their invention, the user answers a question about their project from a scroll down menu (f.e. what area does your invention improves? 1-transport, 2-industry, 3-home), and then before adding everything to an existing gallery they receive a factual information about the area they chose. Once OK is clicked the user becomes a part of the online inventors gallery.
Options to grow on: social sites connection (Facebook, MySpace ect), real invention world cross over it might be by sending a newsletter about current energy inventions or finding progress or going more fun direction newsletter might be featuring the invention of the month (a winner may get a ticket for a fun exhibition/cinema ect).
Possibilities are endless...and I want to draw an outline of that website. As it is not the core of my project I want to leave some things optional and try to enhance the imagination of jurors as well.
Images to come soon.


And the winner is... Stamp No. 3 Final illustration

And a little drawing digression. I know that it is slightly off the brief, as it might be slightly too abstract, but I really like this drawing, and I AM SHARING...

STAMP 4/MovingAboutMan

INVENTION OF > one person mean of transport. It is powered by wind.
The ones which I like the best are in the top line, I am thinking that I prefer the very first one. The one with the long hat. It has more character to it.

Monday, 24 November 2008


I decided on square. As I will be filling the space around the inventors, with typography, and need space for that.

STAMPS 1-2-3-4 Best so far

OWN COMMENT> So these are best so far. MugMan/Woman actually, PlaneMan I have drawn today morning, and chosen them over another lot. The BulbMan looks kind of pale and the other two are appearing stronger. At least this is what I can see now. I also tried bringing in hallo to the BulbMan but so far I decided to paint it rather than draw. Still to be done.

UPDATE 25/11/08> I took out the MugWoman off the set. I guess now they look much better together, and that is a good thing. I think that now the BulbMan looks more interesting as well. It is all about contrast, and overview.

UPDATE 25/11/08 evening> I have put the other illustrations in the OneUnitTransportGuy, and I am torn between the two. Can't decide which works better. Need to sleep with it. So I am leaving them for now on.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

FUTURE IS NOW against the brief.

The brief is to explore and design stamps that will bring attention to alternative energy issue and promote awareness about alternatives.

My answer:

Outline and objectives
Energy waste holds responsibility for the environmental damage.
Energy systems that we use are designed without energy efficiency in mind.
Energy efficient society hasn't been formed yet.

Royal Mail celebrates technical growth.

What your project will do and promote
Point out the problem areas.
Create a playful platform for innovative thinking.

The target audience
People who are inquisitive, like new design solutions and enjoy life.

How do you want the target audience to react
Join the online gallery, sign in for a newsletter informing and connecting the users.

The design elements

The visual style - personality and tone of voice
Portraits of people with visual 'hint' to their invention and a general description.
Mix of modern and traditional design approach.
Informal, fun.


INVENTION OF> a solar powered mug which heats up the water in it.
OWN COMMENT> I like the best the very top one as it is stronger and the mug is visible.
It works better than others on the smaller scale.
I have found mugs which are traveller's accessories and heat up water once plugged to the plug in the car. Is my inevntion invented already?
What is important is that my mug doesn't have a wire and is for home usage.
Any comments?

Saturday, 22 November 2008

STAMP 2/PaperPlaneMan

These two are the next new ones.

INVENTION OF> an environmentally friendly plane
OWN COMMENT> My favorite is still the first one with the next two runners up. The thing to do with all of them is making a plane more visible on the small space of a stamp.

STAMP 1/BulbMan

INVENTION OF> a light bulb which is powered with kinetic energy in a room.
OWN COMMENT> I like the one with the dark space around. I am going to redraw this though as I think it needs it. My favorite first three with the first two being versions of the same picture. They look the strongest and most unusual.
The bottom picture shows the evaluation of the drawings.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Alan Aldrige

Alan Aldrige is a Personality, you can tell from a very first moment of entering the exhibition.I love personalities. I feel empowered by their existence and feel that:

I remind myself to be persistent and strong. Being different is not easy, and I must say on many occasions my current graphic life was full of compromise. I am so sick of it! But once I looked at Aldgrige's work I know that the my only direction out is
I loved the combination of a modern drawing style and tradition of Alice in Wonderland.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


ONEandTHREEchairs was an early piece of conceptual art movement, made in 1965 by Joseph Kosuth. If I would be asked what thing do I associate with art of period of 60-ties and 70-ties of XX century, my answer would be
I come from the eastern block of the iron curtain and was only able to see things like the exclusive Pesce's chair in catalogs of unreachable stuff. All of those products looked like candies and were almost like James Bond accessories which you would never have. Of course when I was born the cold war was ending, and the iron curtain falling, but in a way it was still very present in our lives and I felt that it influenced my life as well. So at the museum I would just stare at those with my childish desire...

work, which I searched further
and found some other designs
which I really like. His website is HERE.

whose work is as iconographic,
as it can get. I love Scandinavian
approach to design,
so I was really happy to see
those chairs in real life.

PIERRE PAULIN's ribbon chair.
Dondolo rocking chair by

Ravioli chair.

I believe in design like this. It is honest and reliable, celebrating humanity and exciting. I love the fact that it is strong and colorful not like current interiors covered in gray and beige, with a transparent tenant inside.

For my RSA project I did resource some websites about cities and communities. In the V&A exhibition I found ideas which competitive countries were inventing. What I found appealing is that the attitude towards the city as an object was extremely positive. Knowing what we know now, I would question the slogan:
Save our planet, save our cities!
I think that it contradicts itself. It also have been brought to attention by the organizers of the whole exhibition that the viewed period was contributing in an enormous way to the global warming effect which we'll have to deal in the future.
Interesting issue is also looking at Walking Cities, by a member of ARCHIGRAM Which was an idea about creating portable cities and communities. The attitude towards the city itself was full of admiration and pride. I would question this now.

As if all you can do here is leave
and plunge, never to return, into the depths.

Into unfathomable life.
(from Utopia by Wislawa Szymborska)

Monday, 10 November 2008

THE FUTURE IS NOW - Hudsucker Proxy

Outline and objectives
Energy waste holds responsibility for environmental damage.
Main energy eaters are badly designed and that's the main reason for waste.
Energy efficient society hasn't been formed yet.
Challenges celebrate life and humanity.

What your project will do and promote
Stress challenge and possibilities of technical growth
beneficial for the environment and human beings.

The target audience
People who are inquisitive, like new design solutions and enjoy life.

How do you want the target audience to react
Explore innovative thinking solutions considering environmental, social needs.

The design elements

The visual style - personality and tone of voice
Feature future inventors - not born yet, inventions to be discovered.
Quirky look, imitating old stamp portraits.

Schedule to meet the deadlines
25/11 portraits drawn
1/12 incorporate into the designs
4/12 last changes
5/12 post

Thursday, 6 November 2008

the Richest live below 350!

They are different, each has an energy efficiency feature: one uses roller skates, one only charges his mobile using solar panels, the next likes wearing 'cool jumpers' in winter and never overheats his flat, other invites all of them for a dinner and they eat together and use less energy for cooking... The stamps, promotional posters, virals etc. lead to a website which explains the character's habits and personalities. The website is connected to other sites like charities, information and social sites. If a user registers they would be sent a newsletter about the 6 creatures. As they lead >350 lifestyle they come across modern Eco events and promote energy efficiency on every day basis.

The characters are living together in a community and can be developed for further ideas and sustainable life gadgets. They can be involved in different events and carry the message across an Eco product. They would be facing similar problems what the society and would get involved in finding solutions for those.


some more to come...

UpSideDown (1)


"We are creating a vast industrial machine, not for living in, but for dying in. It is a war, to be sure, a war that only a few more generations can surely survive.”
—William McDonough

clean - cleaner - the cleanest

95 % of all buildings in Reykjavik are heated with geothermal water. Regarding CO² emissions, Reykjavik is now one of the cleanest cities in the world. quoted after Sustainable Cities

Magic Number

350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide--measured in "Parts Per Million" in our atmosphere. 350 PPM--it's the number humanity needs to get back to as soon as possible to avoid runaway climate change.Quoted from


The talk with Stephen from the Science Museum went well, my outcome is:
1. there is NO RIGHT ANSWERS to the climate change
3. SUCCESS means being living ALONE, NOT SHARING

I find very interesting point number 3. I think that this is part of a problem that being Eco friendly seems like failure to us and because it makes us feel further from a success target.
I want to challenge this success measurement, as I think it is crucial in creating not just energy efficiency.


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Energy Saving Trust Scary Footprint :(

So, as I was suggested, I looked further at the resources on the Energy Saving Trust Website. I have made a test assessing my carbon footprint. It was considerably high. And I am far too unhappy with it. A lot of that score has to do with the fact that the property I live in is quite old, has single glazing, and drafts are quite common. My appliances are considerably new, but they are small and not really suitable for me and my child. I need a freezer. That means that I do own my personal fridge/freezer and still need to run a little fridge.

My heating is gas and I do not intend to pay myself for insulation in my flat, as it it my landlords job.
I travel by plane and am at my family home at least 4 times a year, which means return journeys.

From the good things I do not own other mean of transport rather than a bike and I use public transport on my longer journeys.

It seems that I consume the energy mainly for my house and using far too much air transport.
It feels trapped. I am not going to be renovating my flat as it is not mine and I can't afford it. I want to be able to see my parents and I would prefer to come over there by train, but at the moment such a journey is not as straightforward as it should be, and takes a lot of time which I do not have.

No matter that, I was given a CO2 emission target plan and I am going to use it, when I can.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Further Contacts

I sent another message to Julia Hailes who is an author of the New Green Consumer Guide, which I find extremely interesting and helpful. I have emailed her and keep my fingers crossed to recive an answer.

As my email to Energy Saving Trust bounced back I have tried another way of getting there, I finally get response to check their website carefully and look at their resources online. I sent a thank you email.

Also another thing is which I am investigating.

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little" Edmund Burke

Ages ago, I heard how bad the dispossable nappies are for the environment, and straight away decided that when I will have a child I will use a terry nappies and not add to this massive rubbish production. So when I become a mother I did as planned. It was hard, but could have been easier if I would get more support from my new family. I got a WEIRDO LABEL and people laughed at me behind my back.
I needed a community of people who would be supportive.

The other day, I met a guy in my part time job, and started a conversation about a plastic bags and the attitude towards geting one or not. He said that he doesn't care and called me a eco warrior. It was not an argument but a discussion about a difference between convinence and a need.

I disliked both experiences and the placement in the eco warriors movement.

I need to use a facility like facebook or a very good emailing system because I want people to create a community within which they could feel that there is more to the issue than their own standby DVD player. I need a website which will gather information and links for organizations which promote not only energy issues but are beginning to be a gate for other Eco friendly initiatives. The system should involve money as that is a key for creating further investment and creating events. It should be speaking to a broader audience than families with children as I guess we are on the same boat.

And also I want to make it less eco looking, more engaging and more interactive. I llive in a society which wants a quick solution, and a very quick result. Laptops have to be finner, internet connection faster, and games more real. I wonder if there is a way of creating a virtual environment constantly showing our future environment, concentrating on a place we live. Your own garden and flat/house.

Creating a connection 1.
1. Poster promoting a new royal mail stamp.
2. Stamp leads to a website where a user can register. Each stamp should have a code which will be used to register on the website and also give them a free gift/envelope or an extra stamp voucher.
3. User is promped to create a profile and answer some questions.
4. Users will also enter their postcode and be able to locate themselves on a map.
5. They would also be told what is the energy effieciency in their neirbourhood. That would be done annonysmouly.
6. There would be a prompt to find users which would agree on that to connect them on facebook and other social sites.

I need to look into Facebook facilities and look into other sites like my space and so on to see how easy is to connect between different platforms.