Thursday, 12 March 2009

Some Steaks are Growing on Farms

Well I am thinking what does ethic mean for me? It is a strong word with lots of connotations. As I am very into my own world being socially and ethically responsible becomes not just an issue about doing something good to the outside world but also not letting the outside world to invade you as a designer. I think ethical issues should go as much out there as they go in...
There is something absolutely fascinating about a personality facing the real creative world which can be very ruthless. The ethic stretches then, to conveying the world without being conveyed yourself. It is all about honesty between you and the work you are producing. I guess that this is a part of ethical problem which I find most interesting. Being socially responsible means also keeping yourself healthy. That in turn means working for projects which you believe in and also for people who you like. A question after the work is produced: did you really enjoyed it? Would you love to do this again? Was it in agreement with what you think is important in life. Social responsibility doesn't necessarily means to save trees and as now very trendy saving the planet. All those important issues for me should be a continuation of a designers personality in his work not an artificially imposed trend, lost by first wind of change! Well, I think that a designer as any other person should be first of all a responsible human being and have system of values important to cultivate in creative and every day life activities. Well known designers are a samples of that kind of ethic built because of who they are as humans

The Small Stakes Poster, 2009

Future Farmers Homeland Security Blanket, 2002.

The Small Stakes for example focused on the music scene and worked producing posters from 2003, gaining both experience and prestige for their work, now known world wide. The Future Farmers on the other hand have written in their studio ethics non profit projects, caring about environmental issues, and so on. I guess I am for both.
A conscientious designer doesn't have to save the world but love it in one or another way. AMEN.

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