Monday, 23 March 2009

The Curve

1. Design now is much more than just a visual game of composition, typography and image. Now it speaks with the way it was done. A designer must have FAITH in the way his work has been produced, in the way it is distributed, that it's good values are going further beyond it's look. That it speaks to people's mind on all the levels. It considers things like: Ethics, Sustainability, Environmental Issues...
2. PASSION. Design without passion, is just a print, or web development. But that is nothing, try living with no passion and you will experience hell on earth!
3. TRUST. Trust little moments of uncertainty.
4. PROCESS. Sometimes concentrating on a process of making things, making mistakes, getting frustrated, teaches us more than a pile of success on our desks! After all it is all about maturing and defying, so the process should be as much important as the outcome of a job. Try to say to yourself: it might have been a nightmare but... I learnt this and that!
5. EXPERIMENT the moment we get to a routine of working in a certain way, it's quality goes down. Yes we can master craft, but if our work starts and finishes at the same point each day... it is no good. Essentially experiment is about keeping us awake!
6. FUN  The moment you are stopping to feel  fun once working, STOP!
7. OBSERVE! Make it your duty to observe and note things! That creates projects!
And projects are creating you!
8. BE PERSITANT Just do it!
9. LOVE LIFE! If you are a frustrated human being, you can't experience life, without experiencing life, you surely cannot understand people, without that you cannot be a good designer!
10. SMILE.


sonoio said...

qué bueno!!!

Mary Anne said...

sí! muy bueno!!! :-)